All-natural CBD, inspired by earth.

Deep founded Penguin CBD in 2019, inspired by mother nature's natural ingredients and beautiful colors. His mission was simple: make feeling better fun. Penguin has since grown to be the #1 most trusted premium hemp brand.

Deep, Founder & CEO

Voted #1 CBD Oil

"Penguin's formula is not only potent and great’s reasonably priced as well."

More focus.

Less stress.

Delicious and delightful. Every part of the customer experience is thought through with obsessive attention to detail, from eco-friendly farming to naturally-delicious flavors.

How it's made

Nothing but natural, fresh ingredients.

Made with sustainably sourced Oregon hemp.
  • Zero pesticides
  • GMO free
  • Vegan
🙅0% THC
Penguin doesn't get you high.
🇺🇸American grown
Penguin hemp is made in Oregon.
👩‍🔬Lab tested
Independently tested by leading experts.